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tv   BBC World News  PBS  August 19, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. it8fgga)7 >> union bank has put its global expertise to work for a
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wide range of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> another day, another dip in the global markets. european stocks are down again after sharp falls in asia and the u.s. suicide attackers target the british council charity in kabul killing at least three people. thousands gatt they are in delhi as the protester leaves prison and begins a hunger strike. the government's invitation to join the economic brain storm session. and breaking down the cultural barriers between china and the world with opera.
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>> werks it's shaping up to be another bad day on the markets. opening up down sharply again driven by fears of another economic downturn. aaron tracking the markets for us. the ftse opened down more than 3%. >> it's just under 2% down now but the markets returning to the two big worries. that's debt and growth or we should say lack of growth. but asia saw this as well. fear basically driving fear. this is the market telling us they have lost all confidence in all economic leadership particularly in the united states and the euro zone. they are worried about european banks and their exposure to the
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euro zone crisis. in fact yesterday afternoon we were talking about the possible unraveling of the greek second bailout package, because you've got countries like the netherlands and slovakia joining the ranks of finland and demanding collateral. greece already supplied finland with collateral but they can't continue doing this or it defeats the purpose. worries further economic numbers. let's go to the london stock exchange where mr. king joins us a multiasset protector of funds. if we just take a look today, is this more a euro story or a worry over a u.s. story? >> this is a europe story.
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the u.s. and global economy problems are a red herring. the u.s. has had disappointing data and mixed data. but nothing that's not discounted in values. it wasn't adequately discounted in valuation, in fact the news around the world for companies from the u.s. has been rather ok. the big story for the last few weeks has been a major run on banks in europe. and the e.c.b. has valiantly tried staunch that by liquidity and buying the bonds of the stressed economy, but they had been hoping the physical leadership would do something to take them off the hook but merkel and sarkozy made it clear they would not allow an increase in the bailout funds and they would not allow the issuance of a common euro bond
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which is basically game over for the euro as it stands. >> the asian markets trying to follow thy leader, the kospi down more than 3% the biggest fall since 2008. obviously they are going to react to the rest of the markets around the world, but can asia fare a little better over this economic storm? >> well, asian markets are not going to defy the economic trend, but the clue of what's happening is the massive underperformance of the banks. that tells us there's a major banking problem so until these six countries are allowed to go, these problems are not going to be solved. >> thank you max king from -- our guest. gold continues the safe haven it is continues to sore. just touching under $1,860 an ounce.
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more on the world business report coming up in 25 minutes. >> the gold price must be at an all-time high. >> almost daily we're seeing fresh, new records. many thinking it could hit $2,000 before the end of the year. >> we'll see you in a little bit. in afghanistan at least 10 people have been killed and 10 more wounded on a british council in kabul. a dozen men armed with heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades stormed the building. >> after began and international security forces quickly swooped on the site of the attack. it had been an elaborate and determined assault on the british council offices including a vehicle bomb to try to breech the walls of the compound. >> the first happened in a vehicle and the second on foot. we were the fest who got here. the attackers are not moving.
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>> but well after the initial attack gunfire could still be heard amid reports at least one attacker was holding out against the security forces. another casualty is led away. as the afghan security forces collect the debris from the assault, these were heavily-armed attackers. the afghan capital was already on high alert. international holiday to mark avenue 92nd independence from british rule. that was the reason for the timing of this attack according to the taliban who say they carried it out. it's certainly another high-profile assault to embarrass the afghan government and its nato and international allies. >> now anti-corruption crusader anna hazare has left a jail in india to the cheer of thousands
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of supporters as he begins his hunger strike. his aim so force india to start an anti-corruption committee that he feels is too weak. >> it's gathering ever great in numbers waiting for the moment when anna hazare will get her hooer. -- get here. he's stopping at the yes mation of mahatma gandhi. many here compare their lead tore the campaigner with mahatma gandhi. of course similar tactics, a hunger strike and peaceful protest. the government says ha czarry and his followers are misguided and they that they should leave it up to parliament to decide the country's laws. >> when it comes to who decides
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the country's laws or not this must be an embarrassment to the government saying there's not much distance between there's not much difference between what he wants and what they want but the world now is looking in and talking about indian corruption. >> yes. i think india's image abroad has taken a bit of a hammering over the last 12 months, because there's been a number of high-profile scandals. this all started with a common wealth games then the ruling party m.p. was arrested and also arrested has been the former telecom minister charged with masterminding a scandal that could have cost the state about $40 billion. so yes, india's image hasn't looked too pretty qui this year. the problem with the is with the government and the longer
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anna hazare keeps this campaign up, india's tv cameras will stay here. but he is not going away. >> talking to us earlier. the campaign is widely viewed as a middle class movement but in a country where many are considered poor, what does it mean for them? can anna hazare really make a difference? our correspondent paid a visit to some of mumbai's poorest. >> things like water and electricity, adequate housing can be hard to come by here. but these aren't exactly the people joining this massive campaign of corruption. it's being seen as a middle class movement in support of activist anna hazare and an anti-corruption build, but why don't the people of these areas get out on the streets and support this movement and do they even believe it can
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benefit them at all? >> an anti-corruption bill means nothing to us. what's important to us is getting something to eat and having a place to sleep. >> only people with money support this. without money, nothing happens here. >> at least 40% of indians have no idea what this prove se is all about. >> so here it's not necessarily a lack of support for anna hazare or what anti-corruption actually stands for in this country. it's about the general populous actually knowing a little bit more like a bill like this and what it would known dismantle corruption. only then would they get out on the street and protest. it's really knowing what they are protesting for.
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>> to the middle east now, rocket fire on gaza wounded two people hitting a synagogue and a school. that follows a bomb that killed seven palace including children. this return claimed by an ambush on civilian vehicles that killed eight israelis. our middle east editor, jeremy, joins us. recap for us what's been going on. >> well, what happened yesterday was there was an attack near the southern israeli town and there were deaths there of israelis. and the israelis declared very quickly that they had hard evidence that the gunmen had come via the cyanide desert from gaza. since the egyptian revolution, the sinai desert become increasingly lawless.
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since then they retaliated with a number of air strikes and through this morning. at least four people including a deputy have been killed along with a couple of children and that militant group has sworn revenge. but why are israelis quite so certain this came from gaza bearing in mind it was quite a substantial journey from one place to another especially since there's been a lot of trouble in the sinai desert from the taliban? >> is it your sense this situation is now calming down? >> not necessarily. i think it's all quite fragile at the moment. it all depends on what happens in the next 48 hours or so, what happens in terms of innings raley air strikes. there's been rockets fired out of gaza.
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and the israeli anti-rocket system has taken care of a couple of projectiles. in jerusalem there's quite a police presence. that perhaps is in anticipation of any trouble of prayers. so i think that things remain a bit fragile at present. and i think the is up decision of a spike in violence as a result of all this around gaza still holds. there's a chance of that. >> thank you jeremy. you're watching "bbc world news." still to come, more protests in madrid over the cost of the pope's visit as ministers prepare to announce new austerity measures. now police in the german capital of berlin have been left behalfeled -- baffled
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about car attacks and merkel says she hopes germany will be spared the same rioting that took place in berlin. >> nine cars were set alight on one night in the market berlin area. there have been about five arson attacks a week on expensive cars this year. but the pace has been stepped up recently. b.m.w.'s are often targeted like this one. albeit an old one. >> the car is 11 years old. this should have been my last car as i am 72 years old. >> the police offered a reward of $7,000. the attacks are not on the scale of the riots in britain, but they are serious. germany's chancellor speaking to police said shep didn't think they would explode into more serious violence.
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>> i hope, and i am rather optimistic we will be spared the damage that's taken place in britain. however, i am concerned about the cars being set on fire in berlin. >> it seems the arson attacks are politically motivated. some of the cars have not been expensive in this week's attacks. shops if the areas. signal cables on berlin's train system were cut and anarchists said on their website they did it in protest of the arms trade and capitalism. with the fires the police think it's a small group. steven evans, "bbc news," berlin. >> you're watching "bbc world news." i'm peter. these are the top stories. stocks open sharply down after
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fears of another global downturn. spain is due to announce more austerity measure there is today in order to reduce the size of spanish debt. there have been concerns spain might need a bailout like greece, portugal and another country. daniel griffith now reports. >> for the second night in a row, protesters clash with police in madrid. they are protesting the cost of the pope's visit at a time when spain's economy is on the edge. it's spread from greece to ireland to portugal but now spaniards are worried about spain. on friday more austerity measures will be announced. but many oppose the cuts
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imposed by the government. there were massive protests about the state of the economy and the impact the cuts would have on jobs. nearly 5 million people are unemployed and the national jobless rate is at 21%. but nearly half of all young people in spain aren't in work. the government's court has been trying to please the markets or the voters. at the moment it doesn't seem to be able to do either. it's trail opposition in the opinion polls and facing defeat in the national elections. daniel griffith. "bbc world news". >> 28 rebel targets have been bombed in turkey. turkey also had a ban on kurdish workers after nine soldiers were killed in southeast turkey. in a rare visit the turkish
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prime minister visited mogadishu, accompanied by his family and officials. >> the pro democracy official has arrived to meet representist of a military-backed government. she's joined by local business leaders and representist of all registered political parties will also be there. this is the first time she has been to the capital since her release. she stays invitation does, however, raise a lot of questions. >> will she be an active participant or be there merely as an observer. the fact that she's going at all is significant. the fact that she's been invited to go there is unthinkable. there are several members in the current administration who were in the old military
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government though although not all the personnel has changed, in recent weeks there have been steps taken by the new government to try to show the outside world that they are different. that this is a new start. they allowed her to go out of rangoon on an overtly political trip and now they are inviting her to their home turf. we're told she's on her way and may even have arrived by now but communication with the capital is very difficult. but what kind of role she's playing and in what capacity is very much open to question. >> following the big sports stories, expecting any play in cricket? >> yes. because the weather is looking good but that this is london so that could mean anything, four seasons in one day. england had 74 runs on board then they are being paced in
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this series by england. england up 3-0. we hope there's going to be some play today. >> the water was the surface in london. >> yes. these pictures drain well. it's quite remarkable. >> just keeps on going. >> yes. 55 wins, one defeat so far and beat hradek steff nick in cincinnati again, building up towards the u.s. open. he lost in the final to nadal but now is the number one player and seems to love every single point he wins. you think having won 55 games and having lost one game to federer, he'd be a bit more cool about things, but every time he wins, he loves it. but you know him. he's a friend of yours. >> i had dinner around him a couple months ago. >> you and 1,000 other people.
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>> yes. thank you for saying that live on national television. we'll talk later. >> busy day with vice president joe biden on a visit to china. china is worried the slowdown of the u.s. economy might mean protectionism, and that will have a negative effect on chinese exporters. they do not want to see the exports dry up. there's also a cultural divide and one chinese-american opera singer is trying to break down those barriers. >> how young which i think teaching the complexities of chinese opera. he doesn't even speak the language. it's not the chinese opera of old. many now sound european. but it's not easy getting to grips with a new style.
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chin was brought up in china but now lives in america. this is his pet project, to bring western singers to beijing to sing chinese opera. but this isn't just about music. chin thinks foreigners know little about china. he's brought the singers here to know more. >> what we are, good, bad are music, anything, naturally, i just want them to bring what they can get from these trips back home to share with their friends and family. >> chin is one of the world's leading singers but was a reluctant musician. his parents forced him to learn piano. when his teacher was arrested as a counterref lution narrow, he screamed with joy.
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he still has strong links with china. when he comes back he seeks out old friends and neighborhoods. >> not just the buildings and neighborhoods and cars and streets. i think also in my time i didn't pay attention to that much attention to money. but today i think people -- i think about money a lot. >> he barely recognizes his old school, which he was forced to leave at just 15 to work in a factory. >> it's our year. >> only the garden remains the same. although he was here, trees have been moved. >> the u.s. vice president joe bide season currently in beijing on a visit saying he wants to get to know china better and understand how people live here and he says a western opera singer performing here can do the same. >> opera can't solve diplomatic
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rows or economic problems but this might help people from the west and people in china get on. >> at least five people have been killed and 40 more were injured when a stage collapsed in belgium. after 65,000 mainly young people were attending when violent storms struck. >> it was early evening when storms swept across belgium bringing disaster to the site. skies blackened and winds whipped up hail stones a half centimeter wide. trees were ripped up. hundreds ran as structures came down but some couldn't escape. >> we were in one of the tents, and the storms and the rain was coming in.
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the fixtures were shaking. and we saw the -- one of the riggings fall down outside. >> tents across the festival grounds were brought down with those inside having to cut their way out. around 60,000 people were at the site when the violent storm tore through. emergency teams had to negotiate and the sites turned to mud. the seriously hurt were taken to hospitals, and more than 20 ambulances dispatched to help. it's one of europe's most popular open air festivals. acts headlining this year included global names like the foo fighters, eminem and others. >> you can get your headlines online with our one-minute summary at lots more on our top story.
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another bad dayton global markets. european markets. the ftse started the day down by 3%. >> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank.
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